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You need to login to do this. This is similar to Personality Powers, but with weapons. Basically, in various works of fiction, characters tend to possess weapons that are either a lightsaber vs thor’s hammer reflection of their personality or the traits commonly deemed to their character type. This is why you don’t see ogres with rapiers or ninjas with clubs.

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The martial arts allow this trope to survive as Pastimes Prove Personality. Anchors: A favored weapon for sailors and pirates. These come in two flavors: either swung from a chain, or used as a heavy bludgeoning weapon with a cool shape. Super Strength is required if they’re of realistic weight. Arm-attached Blades: For assassins and other stealthy killers who prefer to have a weapon that’s always ready for use, instead of wasting time drawing a handgun, knife or whatever. Most of the time, those are retractable, usually through the power of thought. Axes: Proud Warrior Race Guys tend to get axes.

Blowguns: Usually a weapon of choice of tribesmen, though ninjas have also been known to use them. Boomerangs: This iconic Australian weapon seems to be favored by primitive characters, probably because of its aboriginal origins and the fact that Australia is often seen as an overall wild place. Bows: Characters with composed personalities are archers. This again has roots in Tolkien, where the elves typically were depicted as being able to stay composed even in extreme duress.

Bonus points if the chains are also part of the character’s outfit, possibly indicating a past as a prisoner or slave. Chainsaws: Chainsaws are a very intimidating weapon usually only wielded by those who are truly Ax-Crazy. Curved Weapons: Hooks, sickles and other such things tend to belong to psychos for hire and similar characters. The same is true for weapons that are notably serrated. Drills: Similar to the above, though with some different connotations. A drill’s ability to bore through obstacles may reflect its wielder’s determination, or may be something altogether more Freudian. Elemental Weapons: Combines this with Elemental Powers.

Fans: A favorite of graceful warriors such as courtiers and onna-bugeisha in Japanese settings. Claws: Those refer to gloves equipped with sharp, metal claws. Such fighters use their feet as their primary attack options: what would be the point of wearing metal boots if you intended to punch someone? Natural Weapons: Some characters have something better than fists.

Claws, tails, talons, and so forth. These weapons imply a character is feral and savage, almost more animal than man after all, if they weren’t, they’d pick up a weapon and kill each other like civilized people. Flails and other chain weapons: Halfway between a whip and a bludgeon, a big spiked ball on a chain can make for an intimidating weapon. As such, they tend to be wielded by equally intimidating brutes and other scary characters. Fundamentally Absurd Weapons: Often a game will have a weapon that makes the aforementioned anchors look simple and logical. These objects almost always appeal to the Rule of Cool, and are ridiculously overpowered. Gadgets: Often the domain of the Gadgeteer Genius, The Smart Guy, and the Science Hero.

Guns: In a setting where guns are rare, they will be mostly the province of The Smart Guy. Revolvers: The favored weapon of Cowboys, typically found in a Wild West setting. Shotguns: They’re close enough to punch, but you’d rather blow a hole right through them. A favorite of the Cold Sniper and other people looking to reach out and score a head shot. Automatics: If it’s not a war movie, then any sort of automatic weapon will be carried by the Mooks, due to their ubiquitousness and lack of style. Gatling Gun: A huge minigun is the favorite weapon of The Big Guy, as well as some particularly intimidating Dragons. Explosives and other Big Weapons: Any sort of oversized gun, including rocket and Grenade Launchers, may find similar use in the hands of The Big Guy.

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Flamethrowers: Are a favorite of the Pyro Maniac. Railguns: Railguns, Coilguns and any forms of Mass Drivers are normally the weapon of choice when you want a compromise between Sci-Fi and Bullets, firing a high velocity, non-laser projectile in a suitably futuristic style. Knives: Ninjas and assassins go for the lightest and smallest tools. Machetes: The machete and related blades are used by characters who live wild, or have wild, untamed natures, calling back to its use in the wilderness. Sai: Used by ninja or characters who are ninja-like. Often treated like exotic daggers despite being more of a disarming tool. They do look very cool though, which is why characters that wield them tend to be badass.

Switchblades: Folding blades, especially ones that open with a flick of a button, are wielded by petty crooks. The short and relatively fragile nature of the knives also make it likely that the wielder is going after someone unarmed or held up by said wielder’s “associates. Magic Wands: Not so much a weapon for “beating them over the head” but rather “blow them up with a bigger fireball. Pitchforks: The official weapon of the unruly mob, this is normally used by a farmer or small-town folk defending his home.